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Positively the most negative sports opinions!


Doom ‘N’ Gloom Sports: An uncut and unedited sports blog…. for better or worse.

Mission: Doom ‘N’ Gloom Sports is on a mission to prove that in the sports blogging world, the last thing you need is a bunch of blind homer talking heads telling you what to believe.

Chief writers:

Logan Binder~ Attended high school and college in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD while playing Soccer and Lacrosse in the area. Currently studying communications at Towson. Likes: Hot pockets, cheap beer, fohawks and, staring at himself shirtless in the mirror. Dislikes: stuff not listed above.

Brian Hunt~ Grew up in Maryland just outside Washington, DC. Brian has been a couch potato since he was conceived. His Dennis Miller-like opinions coupled with his husky John Daly exterior makes him unstoppable in few situations. He has often been compared to a white, unathletic Vince Wilfork and yet he still thinks he is better at sports than most professionals.


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