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Censorship By Simms, Giants v. Redskins


Tonight the Redskins will face the New York football team at FedEx field, in weeks leading up to this match up a lot has been said by CBS Sports broadcaster Phil Simms.

Simms is a former New York football quarterback and has decided after all these years he refuses to use the offensive team name “The Redskins”. Apparently his morals and values are too high and mighty for him to properly broadcast. Redskins fans like myself have taken exception to Simms’s ongoing comments about the team and have tried to contact CBS about their broadcaster.


The following is a letter I wrote to CBS in regards to their choice of allowing Simms to broadcast during the Thursday night match up.

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that the Washington Redskins game on September 25th 2014 will be broadcast on CBS. While I normally enjoy many CBS television as well as radio shows, I will not be able to enjoy this game if CBS Sports analyst Phil Simms is on the broadcast. Mr. Simms has made it clear that he plans to disrespect the honor and integrity of his position as a broadcaster by willfully omitting the name “Redskins” from his broadcasting.

While Mr. Simms certainly has the right to his own personal opinion about a political issue, which this certainly now is. Myself as well as other Redskins fans are being insulted in the process. As a journalist Mr. Simms is tasked with reporting and analyzing the plays on the field, not use the air time to preach his own political agenda. Not only is this wrong for the fans of the sport but also insulting to the many Native Americans being honored and who take pride in the name.

You can choose to allow your broadcasters to preach their political opinions, I will tell you that this is in fact bad for your business as a major network. Mr. Simms should be required to do his job properly, or be removed from the broadcast of this game. I appreciate your time in this matter and hope that your company will make the right decision.

Thank you,
Brian C. Hunt

Not only have several voiced their opinions to CBS directly but also through a petition on to remove Simms from the broadcast. The name change has gained national attention from politicians and special interest groups on both sides of the issue. The Washington Redskins have launched a website: Redskins Facts to combat some of the negativity, while groups like continue to fight.


Many football fans across the nation have expressed solidarity with the Redskins even if not a fan of the team. Many still believing that the root of the issue is very much a censorship issue.

I am well aware that Simms will be broadcasting tonight and I will still watch the game….. Call Vegas and check what the over/under is on times Simms “accidentally” says the R-word!


Hail To The Redskins,
-Brian Hunt
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