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Jerry Jones wants you to “save a horse and ride a Cowboy”


Let’s not mince words; Jerry Jones is an asshole with too much time and too much money for his own good. Jones has been the President/Owner/GM of the Dallas Cowboys for 25 years now and has had some success. Jones was the owner of the Cowboys during their 3 Super Bowl dynasty run of the early 90’s and has continued right along turning the franchise in to the most profitable NFL team, valued at 2.3 Billion. Pretty good for a total narcissist who’s entrenched in his twilight years.

Before we give this senile old man a prize, let’s remember that Jerry Jones was just hit with a hefty lawsuit for…………. Wait for it…….. Sexual Harassment. Are we really this surprised? The Cowboys teams of the early 90’s that were (and still are) Jones’s pride and joy, were notorious for some of the worst behavior possible. Players like Michael Irvin; who outside of his cocaine addiction, repeated cheated on his wife, stabbed a teammate in the neck and the list goes on. Not only did Jones fully back his top WR, he paid people off to keep the media quiet and encouraged the behavior….. After all, “Boys will be boys!”

The case itself is all based around accusations that back in 2009, Jones made unwanted sexual advances towards a woman (because who really wants that?)

He did this while acting in an official Cowboys role. This not only makes Jerry Jones a target for the civil suit but the Cowboys organization as well.



The allegations against him are pretty graphic and appalling. (Read all about it via Deadspin) My hope is that the NFL takes this seriously and will begin treating the team owners like adults instead of allowing them to run around like giant rich babies with little consequences.

Jerry Jones may be a decent owner, he will spend the money necessary to get good players, he will sell his soul and stadium to the highest bidder, and he will even put sponsorships and money before the matter of football.


Jones as the self appointed GM however is the worst in the NFL. As a boss and a person, it may look like Jones is pretty bad at that as well! He refuses to put coaching great (even though I’m a Redskins fan, I will admit it) Jimmy Johnson in to the Ring of Honor. It’s insulting when you think that a coach like Johnson won’t get honored for his time because the ego of Jones is too blinding. I know that there was bad blood between the two, I am still unsure if it was football related or if Jimmy sold him some bad dick pills.

Either way this looks like a dumb move for an owner.

There are still many more questions to ask about this case; whether this is just a way for a woman who has fallen on hard times to legally extort money from Jones?, whether Jerry Jones sees any punishment by the league?, whether or not the allegations hurt sponsorships or if companies will stick by Jones and the Cowboys?, what will the civil courts decide and what will the penalty be?. My guess is there’s a large settlement coming.

What a giant douche, I just wish Snyder and other owners would stop trying to emulate him so much!


-Brian Hunt
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