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Unzip and show me “the pride of Maryland”.


Last year’s border battle between Maryland and WVU ended in 37-0 ass whooping put on by the Terps. The game saw many highlights and an appearance by yours truly. Maryland comes in to the match up at 2-0,
1 commanding win over JMU and 1 sloppy win over UCF. The Mountaineers come in to College Park at 1-1, after the scoring clinic they put on Towson and the 33-23 loss they suffered at the hands of No. 2 ranked Alabama. The WVU offense isn’t going to sit back and let the Terps roll through them, they have weapons that will be hard to stop come Saturday.

Whether or not the Terps win or not will be up to the football gods, what they will certainly do and have done over the past few years is show off some Pride!

In sports you’re supposed to play for the name on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back, just ask Penn State. However it does make it a little easier when your uniform is awesome! If Championships were given for fancy uniforms, the Oregon Ducks would have a lot of them…. THEY DONT!

The University of Maryland unveiled its new uniforms for Saturday’s match up It features designs celebrating the bicentennial of “The Star Spangled Banner” which also happens to celebrate my 31st birthday. You can be the judge when it comes to the uniforms….. Personally, I’m all in on them!



“The words of the hymn are so eloquently written.”


“Now you’re just staring at his junk”


“By Any Means”



“The helmet logo showing the iconic 5 sided star design of Fort McHenry, it also looks like a Terrapin”


“An aerial shot of Fort McHenry in all its glory.”

If you have 12 minutes and want to learn about our National Anthem, I strongly suggest you watch this:

Also Caps fans, stop yelling RED and O’s fans, stop yelling “O” during the anthem. Is it really respectful to a song that means so much?
-Brian Hunt
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