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Ray Rice in an elevator, the up’s and down’s of NFL suspensions.

It was a casual Monday morning, I woke up with a pounding headache to the newly released video of Ray Rice punching his then fiancé in an elevator in Atlantic City.

Pretty disturbing even though we all assumed this was exactly what happened. Even Ravens fans took time out of their busy day wearing purple camo and swilling Natty Boh’s to be pissed off about the assault. It wasn’t long ago that these same fans called the two game penalty unwarranted due to a lack of evidence or an arrest.


The Ravens fans gave Rice a standing ovation and the team (including the owner and coach) stood behind him saying that he is a great guy and was innocent. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a video is worth your 5 year, $35 million contract and your right to play in the NFL.

We all know my thoughts and feelings on Ray Rice and the Ravens from my other posts:
“It means something different when you’re a Ray-ven!”

We also know I felt about the pathetic two game suspension the NFL handed down earlier this summer:
“What do you tell Ray Rice’s wife with two black eyes?”

What I am about to say may in fact shock the hell out of you, I disagree with the release of the running back from his contract with the Ravens and I disagree even more with his indefinite suspension. Now before you round up a posse and get your torches out to hunt me down, think about what you’re advocating for and why the penalty is just a way for a team and a league to cover their asses. So why am I in the minority that believes that Ray Rice is now a victim? The simplest answer is that the NFL as an organization set the consequences for domestic violence when they revamped the policy last week. The NFL stepped up in true NFL flamboyance and said that your first suspension will be six games, your second is indefinite. So did I miss a second incident? Did we decide that punching your girlfriend is one incident and dragging her out of an elevator is the second?

At no point would I ever advocate hitting a woman, unless you’re in the Octagon with Ronda Rousey. Also in my opinion Ray Rice is a buffed up troll with a napoleon complex, but why the change?


The reason is that the NFL wants this story to go away, and so do the Ravens. The NFL history is littered with inconsistencies when it comes to player punishments when dealing with domestic violence. breaks it down pretty well.
“Domestic violence suspensions in the NFL”
“Rate of NFL players charged”

So why did the Ravens cut Ray Rice? Because the backlash of the newly released video threatens the team; on the field, in the lockerroom, in the media, in the court of public opinion, and most importantly the wallets of the team and the owner.


Sponsors like M&T Bank don’t really want a billboard of Ray Rice telling fans to use their ATM’s (always near most elevators around Baltimore).

As for the NFL, they’re trying to get away with “a make up call” for f*cking up in their original “investigation”, they’re pulling off a modern day mafia hit execution style by killing Ray Rice’s career. If the NFL was at all half as smart as they think they are, they should apologize for the mishandling of the incident and make Rice available after a six game suspension for teams to sign under a new contract worth next to nothing. If Ray Rice is the good guy that he was billed as, he would accept the next to nothing contract and prove himself as not only a player, but a man and a decent human being.

I would like to close with a lesson to the kids that I have learned this year from watching the leadership in the NBA and NFL. If you’re going to say racist things, make sure your gold digging whore of a girlfriend isn’t recording you, that way you don’t lose your NBA franchise. If you’re going to hit a woman (which you will, because you’re an NFL player) make sure it’s at home and not in a place with cameras rolling. It’s a lot easier to budget the lose of six game checks than it is to look for a new job. Hope that Rutgers education comes in handy now! Or even better, stop committing crimes and just provide for your family you dumbass!

Feel free to send me your hate mail….
-Brian Hunt
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4 comments on “Ray Rice in an elevator, the up’s and down’s of NFL suspensions.

  1. Brian Penn
    September 8, 2014

    Ex felon? No problem as long as he runs a 4.5 – 40. This isn’t a Ravens problem it’s a NFL problem and was bound to bite them in the ass. Their standards for hiring have been so low for so many years, you cannot be surprised when stuff like this happens. Thanks. Brian

    • doomngloomsports
      September 8, 2014

      Couldn’t agree more, the NFL loves to police and fine players but hates it when it starts to threaten the bottom line. I was so irritated with the change in tune of the team, the league and the media today. Stop putting a bandaid on the cut, when you should stop playing with knives. I assume you watched the first video when it happened back in February? Did we really not know what Rice did in the elevator? I had Ravens fans on Facebook and Twitter “showing support” yesterday during the home opener wearing the 27 jersey, now they figure it out…. The NFL and the players want to play by their own rules and pick the consequences. As always thanks for checking out the page.

      • Brian Penn
        September 8, 2014

        I’m sure you’ve seen the NFL arrest database:

        If I had a record like some of these guys, I couldn’t even sniff a job application with the regular companies that have hired me since 2000 much less apply for a coveted position with an NFL team. The double standard is just terrible. Thanks.

      • doomngloomsports
        September 8, 2014

        You and me both. Of course I’m also missing a little god given talent.

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