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A NASCAR tragedy of ‘Smoke’ and mirrors.


Tonight tragedy struck when 3 time NASCAR Champion, Tony Stewart struck a competitor in a dirt track race in New York.The incident is under investigation and conflicting reports are coming out about the incident and whether the victim has passed away due to the injuries sustained.

The unconfirmed victim is 20 year old racer Kevin Ward Jr who got out of his car after an incident between he and Stewart. While on the track he showed his displeasure with Stewart and is seen being hit by the car being driven by Stewart. The video below which was posted to YouTube is graphic and shows the incident.


This is not the first incident in which Tony Stewart has been in that tempers flare out of control. This one is certainly the most tragic and serious. Below we are posting a few other clips of track altercations involving Stewart.

“Stewart fights Logano”

“Tony Stewart has issues with Kurt Busch”

“Tony Stewart & Matt Kenseth”

“Tony Stewart & Jeff Gordon”

In the heat of the moment things happen, the choices and actions made may impact the lives of many. At this time it is being reported that the driver struck by Tony Stewart has died of his injuries.


                    “Kevin Ward Jr.”

Whether the incident was an accident or not, Stewart will have to live with the mistake he’s made and deal with the consequences. We at Doom and Gloom Sports pray for the family of Kevin Ward Jr as well as the NASCAR community that have been rocked by these tragic events.

-Brian Hunt
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