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“What do you tell Ray Rice’s wife with two black eyes?”


Today’s suspension of Ray Rice has proven that all the credibility that the NFL has with its decision making is gone like yesterday. The NFL made the decision to suspend Ravens star running back two games after the alleged assault on his then fiancée, now wife. First let us remember that the word alleged should be used loosely because most of us saw the video of Rice dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator in Atlantic City.
(Doom and Gloom Sports original article of the incident)

While dragging a lifeless body out of an elevator does not mean Rice assaulted her, we have other video evidence of Jim Carrey acting out the fight between Rice and his wife.

I am sitting here joking about domestic violence because clearly by the NFL’s decision today, it’s a joke to them.

I have lived my life that “actions speak louder than words.” According to the decision, the action of a player putting a joint to their lips will result in a FOUR game suspension. This is a league who this year suspended Robert Mathis for four games for using fertility drugs so he could knock up his wife, two game suspension for knocking out your wife.


For all intents and purposes Ray Rice may be a great guy and a great athlete. The problem with assuming that such a great guy with no history of violence won’t make the same mistake has already rocked the NFL before. It was only two years ago that a great guy in the community who had no prior issues shot and killed his baby’s mother, drove to the Kansas City practice facility and shot himself in front of his coach. That of course was Javon Belcher who up until that tragic December day showed no signs that he would be capable of such a crime.

I am not saying that Ray Rice is now a threat to society but when a league like the NFL takes such a hard stance to “protect the shield” when it comes to PED’s, partying, tweets that are vaguely negative towards homosexuality, so why not send the strong message when it comes to domestic violence? The Ravens as a team haven’t been helping the NFL protect the shield, it seems like every time I turn around a Ravens player is being arrested. I guess the past mistakes never change for such a prestigious franchise….


Hey! Diddle, diddle goodnight!
-Brian Hunt
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