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“The Ohio Bible: King James edition.”


For those that don’t know, Palm Sunday is marked by the waving of Palm leaves which represent the leaves that were waved and laid down as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The Palm leaves are then supposed to be burned and used as the ash to anoint the believers on the next Ash Wednesday. With “King James” coming back to Cleveland I can only assume that the Cavs fans will anoint their foreheads with the ashes of the burned jerseys from 2010.

When the city exploded in hatred from “the decision” of their native son.

The 2014 version of the decision was done with class and maturity on the part of James. He didn’t get ESPN to through a party with indoor pyrotechnics as he stood on stage proclaiming “not one, not two, not three, etc.” In only four years it seems that the 29 year old Lebron is a lot more mature in his actions, than he was at 25. Maybe that’s because since the season ended, after the Heat and James got destroyed in the finals by the Spurs, he has gone about his business. Heading to Rio for the World Cup, vacationing, doing what most regular people do with their time off. As a Lebron James “hater”, I have to give him credit.

The people that I do not give credit to, the ones that showed no class, no maturity, are the sports reporters of ESPN and other news outlets that turned free agency in to an absolute shit show, turning a no decision in to “The decision 2.0”. Stalking his every move, figure out who he’s talking to, showing up at both his house in Miami to snap pictures of moving trucks and, hanging outside his house in Akron. What if it went another way? What if he chose to go out West? Would the mob mentality take over and begin to burn down the city of Cleveland? With all the issues in the world and right here at home, why was Lebron James the biggest story? Do we not care about social issues? Is our society so enamored with “celebrities” that we lose all grip on reality!

While James’s decision in 2010 was seen as a slap in the face to Cleveland Cavaliers fans, for James and the Cavs it may prove to be a better plan then keeping the status quo. James and the Cavs were able to make it to the playoffs together but couldn’t succeed so when he “took his talents to south beach”.

It crumbled the Cavs team who spent the last four years in the dumps of the NBA. Their lack of winning blossomed in to several first round/first overall picks that would not have been afforded to them had Lebron still been there. If Lebron had stayed there was a good chance the Cavs would have continued to make deals in free agency to grasp at playoff scenarios. With Lebron gone they invested in the draft and young talent. So you may be asking yourself “Does Lebron James really mean that much?” The answer is yes! Not only to the City of Cleveland but also to Vegas who has already picked the Cavs to win the 2015 NBA title at 4/1 (the overall favorite to win).


Lebron didn’t win the 8 championships with Miami like he predicted:

He did make it out of Miami with two NBA titles. Cleveland is hoping that LeBron with a lot of help from the young stars around him, that for the first time in 50 years would once again have a title in a major sport. Now that the decision was made and the contract has been agreed upon, baby Bronbron can get to the business of working towards coming through on his promises to his beloved city.

He’ll still never be as good as Jordan IMHO,
-Brian Hunt
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